“Trunk-or-Treating” is the safest and newest craze at Halloween!

Are you looking for a different way to celebrate the Halloween season with your kids? A fun alternative to traditional Halloween trick-or treating that has gained popularity in recent years is “trunk-or-treating.” The concept is fairly simple, and is perfect for any car enthusiast because it includes your vehicle in on the fun.

Trunk-or-treating is an organized event that usually takes place at a local church or in a school parking lot. Instead of going from door-to-door in a neighborhood, children visit one of these nearby events and instead collect candy from a series of decorated trunks. Each car owner imagines their own theme for decorating their trunk. Most car owners go even further and dress in a costume that coordinates with the theme of their car. These community-centered events many times take place in rural areas where homes are distanced from each other.

Trunk-or-treat events are a fun and affordable option for many families. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started!

Craft/Party stores are your go-to

If you’re fresh out of decoration supplies at home, then stopping by a local craft store will fix the problem. National craft store chains like Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann’s, and Michael’s have a large selection of knick-knacks to choose from. Often times festive stores like Party City and Zurchers are useful when piecing together your costume.

Themes: Movies, games, and animals are always a hit!

The easiest themes are usually ideas that involve recent film releases, popular games, or animals. Kids can easily recognize popular characters from their favorite animation films or from games they regularly play. Plus, the more recent and / or classic your theme, the easier it will be to gather together your supplies.

Games are great!

The more activities you have at your trunk, the better! Classic games like bean bag toss and pin the tail on the donkey can be reinvented to match the theme of your trunk. Once the game reaches its end, the children are rewarded with a candy treat!

Have fun with it and perhaps start a new tradition in your community!

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