Ride-sharing done right

At this point in time, chances are good you have used a ride-sharing app like Lyft or Uber. These companies are competing head to head with traditional taxis as ride-sharing options.

However, with any traveling experience there is bound to be hazards along the way; ordering a Lyft or Uber is no exception. Here are a few tips to help ensure a successful ride.

Driver research

No matter how many rides you take, there will rarely be a perfect ride experience. However, once you are matched with a driver, you can review ratings from previous passengers to make sure you are riding with someone reliable and safe.

Cancellation courtesy

If you still decide to cancel your ride, keep in mind that it costs drivers money, time, and effort to respond to your pickup request. Often times these drivers forego requests, after yours has been confirmed, from customers who may be requesting longer, more profitable rides. Also, be aware that you may be charged a fee if you decide to cancel five minutes after you ordered your ride.

Be ready when they arrive

It’s important to know that Lyft begins charging their customers for the ride as soon as they arrive at the agreed upon pick-up spot. Although Uber starts the toll once the passenger is in the car, it is more courteous to your driver if they do not have to spend their driving time waiting for you to hop into their vehicle.

A little known fact is that Uber and Lyft drivers rate their passengers too. Often times drivers will give their riders a lower rating if they had to wait for their riders to show up. If you are running a little late, you can always give your driver a heads up by calling or texting them internally through the app.

No food or beverages

This is one of the golden rules of riding sharing. If you had a stranger riding in your vehicle, you wouldn’t want them spilling food and drink all over your car’s interior. If you are taking an Uber, avoid bringing food and drinks with you. Since it’s the driver’s car, they’re the ones that are going to have to clean up after you.

Honest ratings matter

If your ride goes without a hitch, then give your driver a full five-star rating. Uber and Lyft expect their drivers to maintain an incredibly high average rating. In fact, Uber expects their drivers to maintain a 4.7 average. Drivers run the risk of having their account deactivated if it is anything below; even a four-star rating can significantly affect their chances of staying on as a driver.

On the flipside, if you had major qualms with your ride, you can always contact Uber or Lyft directly from within the app. Your ride may be refunded in full, depending on the seriousness of your ride issue.

Review your trip history

Uber and Lyft both offer a trip history feature that gives passengers the option to review their previous rides. The cost, distance, date, and location of each trip is available for viewing. This feature is very handy, especially if you are filling out expense reports for your company or business.

Free credits for sharing

There is nothing better than a free ride. If you share an Uber personal referral link with friends who are new to the app, you can earn free rides to use later on.

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