Is it Smart to Purchase a Warranty for Your Used Car?

As I indicated in my introduction of this blog, I am an advocate that’s on the side of the automotive consumer – leveraging my 25 years of automotive experience to provide valuable information and resources to keep you informed. I am also behind a new auto warranty product that differs quite substantially from what’s on the market today.

Consumers and columnists ask, “Is it worth it to buy an auto warranty for my used car?” “What if I don’t use it? Have I wasted my money?” I will say that most all of us have insurance of some sort, whether it’s health insurance, life insurance, Apple Care for your computer and/or cell phone… these are all along the same lines as an auto warranty. And one from Trustmark Warranty combines industry-leading coverage with the credibility and financial backing that makes it stand out from others in the national marketplace.

Yes, you may not need your life insurance during the time you have it. But what if it became necessary? It would make life for your family infinitely easier and more financially secure. What if you don’t break your iPhone while you have it under contract? Has your investment in Apple Care been wasted, or has it provided the peace of mind knowing you didn’t have to fork out the hundreds it would cost to replace your phone without the insurance in place?

A Trustmark Vehicle Service Contract offers you the same peace of mind and protection from unexpected repairs, as do these other insurances. While you may not need them, having them in place makes a world of difference when the unexpected occurs.

And when you research options for an extended auto warranty, make sure to check out my direct-to-consumer product at If your vehicle qualifies, you’re covered from day one; you can keep your payments low with our 0% financing; you can take your car to any accredited car repair facility or dealership of your choice for repairs; we’ll take care of the payments directly so there’s no need to wait for reimbursement; there’s a 150-mile towing benefit that’s the best in the industry; and we offer coverages from one to four years. There’s lots to like about Trustmark Warranty, and both Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau agree.

More insight and tips to come! Look forward to continuing to serve you with the insider knowledge that comes from over 25 years in the automotive industry.

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