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Everyone has different strengths and areas of knowledge. We can’t all be experts in aerospace, for instance – or be a neurophysicist. But on an everyday level, the majority of Americans own a car. And cars need maintenance and repairs. The difficulty enters when you take your car to a mechanic, and you’re told your car needs more extensive work than you thought. Or, you’re given an explanation about a part that’s about to go bad – and you truly do not have any idea what that part is – or what it does. And for those with a basic working knowledge of cars, you are still having to take the mechanic at his word at what needs to be done – and that the cost for those repairs is fair.

This scenario sets up a situation that’s ripe for consumer abuse. We rely on our cars to take us to work, take our children to school, and to take vacations. When they don’t work, repairs tend to be outside of our everyday budgets and we need to rent a car or find alternate transportation until the car is fixed.

After speaking with hundreds of people over the years and hearing stories like this in states across our country, I’ve decided to become an advocate for consumers who own used cars. I’ve been in the auto repair industry for over 30 years and have worked with consumers, dealerships and repair facilities. I can spot where consumer abuse can occur, and my goal is to educate the public on how to maintain a strategic advantage in the process. Education and information is key.

And yes, I’ve created an auto warranty product that covers owners of used cars and handles all aspects of the auto repair process for them, called Trustmark Warranty. It’s rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and backed by a company with a billion dollars in capital, so your car can be repaired now – and in the future. It’s a solid product.

However, whether you decide this product is good for you or not, my goal as ‘The Consumer Auto Advocate’ is to give you insight on how to protect yourself and your car; how to ensure you are being treated fairly when you get your car repaired; how to find the best repair facility in your area; and how to maintain the value of your used car.

I am honored that you are reading this column and look forward to providing you with invaluable tools and advice on an ongoing basis.

Luis Nieves,
The Consumer Auto Advocate

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