Finding the Right Auto-Repair Shop

The inevitable need for maintenance and repairs means auto shops play an important role in the lifespan of our cars. It is important to find a reliable auto-repair shop that can give both you and your car the best service and experience possible. The following steps can help to keep you in the driver’s seat while searching for a mechanic that works for you.

Don’t Wait for an Emergency

Emergency situations often breed hasty decisions. Looking for a good auto-repair shop before you actually need maintenance can help you to make an informed and well thought out decision, instead of settling for the easiest option when an emergency vehicle repair is needed.


Start by asking friends and family in the area for any mechanic shops they would recommend. Internet reviews can also be a helpful resource in determining potential problems with a particular mechanic or shop. Sites like Yelp offer detailed reviews that can give you insight into the pros and cons of a particular auto-repair facility. But beware of sites that have consistently positive or 5-star reviews. They are most likely paid endorsements and do not denote a truly positive rating.

Drive By

Taking a quick drive past the shop you are considering can tell you a lot about it. A clean and well-kept shop often bodes better service than run-down or dirty business.

Check for Certifications

Ensuring your technician’s competence starts with verifying their education. Check for trade school diplomas or certificates of advanced coursework that guarantee your technician is well-trained. It can also help to check for certifications from companies like AAA or ASE. Shops certified by AAA have already undergone an intensive investigation process and have been cleared for qualified technicians, effective equipment, customer satisfaction and other important areas of car maintenance.

Start Small

Take your car in for small maintenance items first, such as tire rotations or oil changes. If you are satisfied with that service, it’s probably safe to entrust them with the bigger issues your car might face.

Finding a good auto-repair shop is important to protecting your bank account and ensuring a long lifespan for your car. Following these easy steps can help you find an auto-repair shop that you can trust!

42 thoughts on “Finding the Right Auto-Repair Shop

  1. Thanks for this helpful post on finding a good repair shop. I really like your tip on not waiting for an emergency. I just moved to a new place, and I want to find an auto shop before I really need it. I also like what you mentioned about checking for certifications to make sure they are qualified to work on your car. Thanks for the help!

  2. I’m a new car owner that doesn’t know the first thing about repairs. I figured that there are some things that I can learn to do on my own, but for the bigger stuff it would be wise to find a professional repair service. This article has some great points on how to go about finding one and I plan on starting my research today and hopefully fine one by the weekend.

  3. This is some really good information about what to do if you need to find an automotive shop. I just moved to a new area, and I have been having a lot of little issues with my car lately. So, I like that you talked about how it would be a good idea to start with small repairs. That way, I can see if I like the shop.

  4. It’s interesting how driving by a shop can actually tell you a lot about it. We have been looking at a few different shops for when we need repairs, and weren’t sure where to look. It would also be very nice to know exactly where it is just in case we need it sooner.

  5. My car needs to be repaired. Thanks for the advice about how you should check for certifications. It would also be smart to find a repair shop that will work with your insurance.

  6. I appreciate your tip on checking to see if an auto mechanic is certified by the AAA. I would imagine that having this type of qualification could help you be sure that you are finding a quality auto repair specialist. My brakes have been making a strange noise recently so maybe I should find a certified auto shop to take my car to.

  7. You make a really good point about starting small at the auto shop. It’s a great way to play it safe, and to have the highest chance of getting a good auto shop when you need some major repairs done. In fact, I should probably try this for my Honda. Right now, it needs a tire rotation, so I could definitely start looking for an auto shop near me to do that.

    1. I agree that starting small is such is a smart idea, Maggie! I never thought about getting something simple, like a tire rotation, done so that I can try out a new mechanic with no real risk. That way, I’ll know who does the best work when my car really needs it. I should do the same thing with my car.

  8. You stated that people should check for trade school diplomas or certificates of advanced coursework that guarantee your technician is well-trained. Do most mechanics have to have certain licenses or training in order to work in an auto repair shop? My family and I are going on a long road trip and I am trying to get our car ready. Finding an auto repair shop might be a good idea.

  9. I agree that you should not wait for an emergency to find an auto repair shop. I would imagine that finding one right away would be helpful because you have more time to choose. My husband and I just moved so we should look for an auto shop right now before we actually have an emergency.

  10. I completely agree that you should look online for reviews to help you decide how they repair shop is. It would be nice to see their reviews online, and how people liked their service. I will have to remember that next time we are in need of repairs.

  11. Thanks for your tip to start by asking friends and family for recommendations. I can definitely see how if you know someone who has had a good experience with a mechanic they could be a good resource to find reliable help. I would also think that it could be important to ask a potential shop about their billing methods to see how transparent they are before making a decision.

  12. I absolutely loved what you said about not waiting for an emergency to look for a car repair service. I just recently purchased a new car and wanted to find a reliable car repair service just in case I ever need their services. I’ll be sure to find a local service as well, as that way I can easily access them and will be familiar with those who work there. Thanks for the read.

  13. It didn’t know that taking a quick drive past the shop you are considering can tell you a lot about it. I remember breaking down and going to the nearest auto shop. That was the biggest mistake of my life… I will be sure to consider this tip when finding one to repair my car!

  14. I have been intimidated to stop by the shop to get a look around and meet the people. I just haven’t thought that I had time. I really like the article’s idea to just drive past it because this can give me a good idea about how well-kept the shop is.

  15. I can relate with the point about not waiting for an emergency. I had this car a couple of years ago that showed signs of overheating and I just kept pushing it and pushing it until it finally overheated. I really like how this article encourages you to be prepared with a go to auto repair shop because this is what saved my car.

  16. I appreciate your tip to not wait for an emergency to find an auto repair service. I agree that it can be a difficult situation if you are forced to go to the most convenient auto repair shop rather than one you have a history with and trust. I know that it has given me a lot of peace of mind to have an auto repair shop that I trust and can go to anytime I need a repair small or large. Thanks for the tips!

  17. These are some great tips for finding a good car repair shop. I definitely agree that it’s smart to find a good one before you get in an accident, not after. Speaking of that, I need to start looking now, before anything happens to me.

  18. I agree that checking out the shop when looking for auto repair services can help you decide if the place is a good option. I would want to get the services I need in a clean environment and from someone that I can trust. I can see how this can also let you know how good the mechanics are and how dedicated they are to their work.

  19. Thanks for the article. My sister just got her first car. You advised finding an auto-repair shop before you actually need maintenance, as it can help you to make an informed and well thought out decision. My sister cares a lot about this car, and if finding an auto shop now will help her make the right decisions for it, we’ll definitely have to find a good auto shop near her.

  20. I love what you said about taking a quick drive past the shop that I’m considering using. Like you said, a well-kept shop often bodes better service than a run-down or dirty business. I’ve heard that 50% of potential customers choose whether or not to do business somewhere based solely upon the appearance of the business. It just goes to show how important maintaining your building is! I’ll have to keep these tips in mind so that I can choose the perfect shop for my car.

  21. Doing your research by asking friends and family and looking at internet reviews is a good way to find a good auto repair service. Finding someone you can trust is important when looking for help. I would imagine that it would also be useful to get to know the workers by going in and talking to them about any potential problems your car might have.

  22. It makes sense that you would want o ask your friends and family in the area for recommendations of repair shops. That way, you can hear their experience, and if they would recommend going back. I know that I would also want to find out if the shop provides the services I need, and if they do it efficiently.

  23. This article makes a great point about how emergency situations often result in hasty decisions. I agree that under the pressure it’s easy to go the quickest route instead of the route most suitable for your needs. I also think family and friends make really good reference points to start your search for a good automotive mechanic.

  24. You made a really good point that it’s important to find an auto repair service that has the certifications you want. I bet that it’s also important to find a local service that will help you personally. If I needed a car repair service, that’s what I would do.

  25. I really like the tip about driving by a car repair shop that you are considering to check out its cleanliness. My sister did just that when she was looking for a new repair shop for her Honda. I will keep these tips in mind for when I find myself needing a new car service place.

  26. I like what this article recommends about simply going to the shop and taking a look around. It makes sense that a well-kept shop would be a good place to choose because of the inherent organization of the company. it’s something to keep in mind when looking to have my car repaired because I want it to be done quickly and correctly so I don’t have to deal with the problem anymore.

  27. I agree that it is a good idea to find a mechanic before you are in an emergency situation. It might even be good to have a couple different mechanics listed somewhere so that you know what options you have in case an emergency happens. I think that it would also be important to include the hours that they are open.

  28. That’s a good point that a clean shop is a sign of professionalism. That way you know the mechanics take pride in their work. I just moved to a new city so I’ll have to drive around looking for shops.

  29. It is really important to find the right auto repair shop for our vehicle so that we can easily maintain our vehicle in a very good condition. Most probably it is beneficial to learn some basic things on vehicle repair otherwise get service from different sources, in a right auto repair shop, we are getting right service and a right care and rest of things we can get from this article. Thanks for overviewing such important things.

  30. I liked when you talked about planning ahead and choosing your repair shop beforehand. It makes sense that keeping this in mind can help you make an educated decision and make sure you find the best. I can see that making sure you do your homework and contact several companies can help you find the one that inspires trust and offers the services you need.

  31. My brakes have been sounding like they are grinding together but I am not sure. I was glad that the article gave the advice that taking a quick drive past the shop you are considering can tell you a lot about it. I will be sure to do that before I get my brakes looked at!

  32. Thanks for your advice to start your search for a car repair shop by asking friends and family for ideas. I bet that anyone who has lived in your area for a while would have looked into a mechanic at some point. Having some small item of work done at the place would be a good idea as well, so you can see how they bill before committing to them long term.

  33. That’s a good idea to do a drive by of a prospective shop. That way you can see the care that goes into. People that take pride and their work maintain a clean workspace.

  34. You made a good point about how emergency situations often breed hasty decisions. I feel like it would be a really good idea to spend some time researching local options before you really need them. It could even be a good idea to have some minor repairs done on your vehicle to see what sort of work they do.

  35. No one should wait for an emergency before they choose an auto repair service. By giving yourself time to research good auto repair services, you’ll feel less stressed out if a real emergency happens. Asking friends and family is a good start to making a decision.

  36. My car has some problem and can’t wait to try your tips now! By the way, Don’t Wait for an Emergency is the best point I mean. I hope I will get a great experience by using your tips and advice. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  37. A friend of mine was telling me that she might need to find a new auto shop, but wasn’t sure how to find the right one. I really like that you say to take a quick drive by the shop to see how clean it is. It would be nice to know that they keep everything clean, and that you will be getting an organized service.

  38. I actually really appreciated the suggestion to not wait until the last minute to find an auto repair shop that can service your vehicle. I had never really considered that finding a reputable car service shop is something that should be done well in advance. I own a fairly old vehicle that I suspect is going to only become less and less reliable, so I’ll be sure to start my research on where to trust my repairs and maintenance to.

  39. I like that you recommend to ask your friends and family in the area for any shops they would recommend. I can see why this could lead you to finding one that you like and feel comfortable with. My wife and I moved to a new area and have been looking for a place to get our cars serviced. I’ll have to ask a couple of my close friends where they take their cars.

  40. I agree that a clean and well-kept auto shop would tell you a lot about the mechanic. It would be smart to take these things into account before you actually hire someone to repair your car. My car needs new brakes so I’ll have to follow your advice and find a mechanic with a clean shop to do the job.

  41. I like how you recommend finding an auto-repair shop before actually needing maintenance. I think that knowing who you are going to work for beforehand is a great way to not only save time but spare yourself some stress as well. It also gives a lot of peace of mind to know who you are working with and how the quality of the work they do will be.

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