Do Not Text and Drive! 4 Entertaining Ways to Keep your Eyes on the Road

Every time you glance at your phone while driving can be hazardous. According to Distracted Driver Accidents, 1 out of 4 car accidents are caused by texting while driving, and 330,000 texting while driving accidents lead to severe injuries each year. Here are four options to keep you entertained while allowing your eyes to remain on the road.

Before Getting Behind the Wheel:
  1. Create a Car Music Playlist

When listening to music in the car, drivers often get distracted by an unwanted song and skip through their music library to find a better one. But even something as quick as skipping a song can force you to take your eyes off the road. To avoid this, try making a playlist that is specifically for driving before you get in the car. For late night or long road trip driving, add songs that are upbeat to help keep you awake and alert during those longer commutes.

  1. Subscribe to a Podcast

If listening to music doesn’t keep you occupied, podcasts are a great way keep your mind entertained while still maintaining focus on the road. Try downloading a few podcasts that catch your interest before hitting the road. There are thousands of podcasts covering a wide variety of topics that are available for free download. Podcasts can keep you up to date with trending topics, allow you to laugh along to your favorite comedian, and even learn something new or interesting. Popular podcasts to help get you started: TED Radio Hour, Serial, Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast, and Stuff You Should Know.

  1. Download an Audiobook

If there is a book that you’ve been meaning to read but can’t seem to find the time, downloading an audiobook before getting behind the wheel is a great way to get it done. With an audiobook, you can have your book read to you as you navigate the road. Similar to podcasts, an audiobook can keep you entertained while you drive safely. Many books are available to download as an audiobook via websites such as and iTunes.

  1. Learn a Language

For those who are looking to learn something new, there are many audio programs available to help you learn a new language. The car is a great place to listen to and practice speaking a new language. Setting up these programs before you drive allows for listening on the go, which makes it a productive way to stimulate your brain and get through a long commute.

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