Auto Warranty Terms to Know

Purchasing a used car is a smart investment for any cost conscious shopper. After you’ve done your research and made the decision, it is also a great idea to research all available auto warranty options. Nothing beats the piece of mind knowing your car is covered should the need for unexpected repairs arise. Extended car warranties will protect your investment and can be very cost effective. From used car repairs, to roadside assistance, quality used car warranties can be fairly comprehensive. When doing your research, here are some auto warranty terms that every car buyer should know.

Vehicle Service Contract

A Vehicle Service Contract is the industry term for an extended auto warranty.  Its essentially a contract that the Administrator and Underwriter have made with you to cover needed repairs on your car.  The specifics of that Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) vary by company.  It’s good to look for a VSC that ensures you can take your car to the dealer or accredited repair facility of your choice; that you don’t have to personally pay for the cost of the repair and then wait for reimbursement; and that it’s underwritten by a reputable, well-funded entity and administered by a company with years of experience.  Sounds somewhat basic, but you want a hassle-free experience should your car need an unexpected repair.


When shopping for an extended used car warranty, you will work with an administrator. The administrator is the party who is responsible for managing the terms of your warranty. To ensure that you get the best benefits from your warranty, it is important to choose a highly rated administration company.


The underwriter of an extended car warranty is the insurance company that guarantees the policy and pays the claims as outlined in the contract.  Be sure you know who the underwriter is and do your research to ensure they are a financially solid and respectable firm with a long history of paying claims.


Under the terms of your warranty, you will typically have a deductible as a standard part of your contract. Your deductible is the amount of out-of-pocket expenses that you will be required to pay before you receive coverage from your warranty. Be sure your deductible is a reasonable flat amount and not a percentage of the costs.  Even a low percentage could mean a large expense if the repairs are significant.

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