How to repay your loans quickly: our best advice

After you have borrowed from a bank, unexpected things can happen over time. These unforeseen events can lead to a renegotiation with his bank or a need to repay the loans faster than what was planned.

It should be noted that making a change in the repayment period may result in penalties. To better manage the situation, here are some tips.


Reschedule credit

Reschedule credit

Using a loan from a bank can be explained by the immediate need for large sums of money. Repayments will then be made in monthly installments with the interest arising therefrom. Sometimes an event can occur which makes it possible for the customer to repay his credit with the bank earlier than expected.

The first solution is to do a credit rescheduling. This is a change in the repayment tenure. In this case, the borrower must make the request to his bank, which will analyze the possibility of acceding to the request of his client. It goes without saying that this process may require additional costs.


Credit repurchase

Credit repurchase

In this second case, it is the people who have made several credits at the same time who are most often concerned. The repurchase of credit consists in making a regrouping of all the credits in question, and regrouping them in only one bank. It may be all or just part of the borrowings. It will be this establishment that will be responsible exclusively for providing a new loan to the person.

Most of the time, the financial institution will carry out credit rescheduling which will match new interest rates. This allows the person to see the amount of their monthly payments decrease and the time allowed to pay their shortened loan. Finally, everything will be decided at the level of the financial arrangements made with the establishment that buys the loan.


Early repayment

loan repayment

Regarding early repayment, it is a way for a person to repay debts before the deadlines. The main advantage is the possibility of saving on the amount of monthly payments and seeing its purchasing power increase. It should be noted however that by adopting this procedure, the bank reserves the right to apply a certain number of penalties.

To calmly repay your credits, the thing to keep in mind is to send a registered letter to the bank where the credit is contracted. It is important not to forget the acknowledgment that follows. It is best to notify the loan manager a month before the scheduled repayment date.

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