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Hello, my name is Jane , I am 33 years old, single without children, I finally found the cozy apartment with a superb view overlooking the rooftops in the center of Toulouse. I consulted my bank to obtain a loan offer with insurance. I told myself that having only one contact at a time for credit and insurance was simpler… except that my advisor told me this week that I represent an aggravated health risk…


I don’t understand, what is an aggravated health risk?

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During a real estate purchase, your bank, beyond the financial analysis of your file, requires you to take out borrower insurance to protect yourself, but also to protect yourself and your loved ones against the consequences of an accident. possibly reaching you.

If your state of health does not allow the bank to draw up a basic contract, this means that you present an aggravated health risk.


Okay, but is it the same if I go through a broker?

Yes … just like the banker, the broker is bound by an obligation of confidentiality … you must complete your health questionnaire alone and answer the questions accurately. Put in a sealed envelope, only the medical service of the insurer is authorized to consult it.

Be aware that an omission in your declaration may result in the nullity of the contract or a reduction in your compensation in the event of a “claim” …

No … regarding the analysis of the loan insurance proposal you have received. The credit broker is also an insurance intermediary. He will be able to explain the contractual clauses to you while comparing them with your desired coverage criteria (maintaining the rate for the entire duration of the loan, coverage from 33% disability, etc.)


I imagine that this insurance out of standard conditions will cost me more?

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Yes indeed, in principle, the insurance proposal is more expensive, but it may not cost you more …

Indeed, be aware that people under 35 (which is your case) eligible for the PTZ may see the premiums related to the PTZ taken in full.

For people whose incomes are modest, the AERAS agreement has planned to cover part of the additional premium of the insurance contract with the risk analyzed.

Each situation and profile being different, it is necessary to approach a credit expert to study with you your personal situation.


Noted, thanks to the AERAS agreement, I will necessarily receive an insurance proposal?

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You can receive an insurance application with an exclusion or an additional premium, but you can also not receive applications.

Unfortunately, the AERAS agreement is a study device at the end of which the insurance agreement may not be obtained …

If I understand what you are writing, the proposed insurance contract may stipulate an exclusion relating to the pathology that I reported in the health questionnaire ?? Does the exclusion also apply to disability risk?

It is true that your state of health may or may not deteriorate. Note, however, that the AERAS agreement provides for a specific disability guarantee and that if this is granted to you, it does not include an exclusion relating to your pathology.

Thank you, but if the insurer finally refuses to cover me, like doing with the bank to obtain financing for my apartment in the pink city…?

Here are the other ways:

  • the mortgage of a property in addition to that taken on your financed apartment.
  • The real guarantee as a pledge of a capital invested
  • the delegation of a life insurance or provident policy
  • Personal guarantee like the deposit of a solvent person

Only the bank will be able to assess the alternative solution; however, a broker beyond the appreciable support faced with this situation will be able, precisely according to your situation, to enlighten you on each of the guarantees.

I understood the conventional system that defines the AERAS convention, thank you Immofinances.net! How do I get advice from a credit expert?

Do not hesitate to ask your questions on our forum, a credit expert belonging to the Immofinances.net network will answer you within 12 hours after your message!

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